Alberto Maurizi

Alberto Maurizi is researcher at ISAC CNR since October 2001.

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Maurizi, A., F. Russo, and F. Tampieri, 2013: Local vs. external contribution to the budget of pollutants in the po valley (italy) hot spot. Science of The Total Environment, 458, 459-465.

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Maurizi, A., F. Russo, M. D'Isidoro, and F. Tampieri, 2012a: Nudging technique for scale bridging in air quality/climate atmospheric composition modelling. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 3677-3685.

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Maurizi, A., F. Tampieri, and F. Russo, 2012b: The import-export balance of pollutants for the po valley hot spot, EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, vol. 14.


in air quality simulations by means of a nudging technique, Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXI, Springer, pp. 373-378.

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