Two-days forecast of main pollutants over Italy produced by BOLCHEM in the frame of MACC

Bologna limited area model for meteorology and chemistry


BOLCHEM is a coupled meteorological-chemistry model. It collects expertise from variuous reasearch groups at ISAC on different aspects involved: meteorology, turbulent dispersion, chemistry, aerosol dynamics.

Meteorology is based on BOLAM, developed at ISAC-CNR by the Dynamic Meteorology group.

The model can deal with photochemistry which at present is based on SAPRC90 and CB4 chemical mechanisms although further mechanisms are under consideration.

Modelling of Aerosols is in a testing phase and supported is by the Atmospheric Chemistry group: the M7 module from ECHAM is being implemented.

The development of BOLCHEM is coordinated by Alberto Maurizi. See the list of people involved.

A summary of the status of BOLCHEM capabilities can be found in the article written for the COST 728 meeting on Integrated systems of meso-meteorological and chemical transport models