Francesco Tampieri

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Born in Bologna (Italy) on October 5th, 1949. Laurea degree in Physics, Bologna University, in 1972.

Since 1976, research scientist CNR (formerly in Venice, Bologna and Modena; presently at Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, ISAC, Bologna). Since 1991, director of research of CNR.

During 1981 and 1985: visiting researcher at the Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge (UK) and at the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts), Reading (UK).

Since 1987, member of ERCOFTAC (European Research Community for Flow Turbulence and Combustion)

Member of the Editorial Board of the ERCOFTAC Bulletin (since 1989) and of Boundary Layer Meteorology (since 2002).

From 1995 to 2001: director of the Istituto per lo studio delle Metodologie Geofisiche Ambientali of CNR and of the Istituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e dell'Oceano of CNR.

His main scientific interest is in environmental issues, with special attention to fluid dynamics and atmospheric physics.

His main activity concerns theoretical, modelling and experimental studies on the atmospheric boundary layer, on turbulence and on transport and dispersion, with special reference to the effects of space inhomogeneities (for instance, topographic effects) on boundary layer turbulence and of the density differences of the transported particles on their dispersion.

He worked on many different aspects of the atmospheric sciences: interaction between atmospheric aerosol and radiation in order to formulate models suitable to be applied to climate studies and to remote sensing; application of mathematical tools for the analysis of geophysical and environmental data; modelling of aerosol motion, with special application to deposition, to capture by atmospheric hydrometeors, to collective behaviour; evaporation and deposition of gases; modelling and numerical simulation of atmospheric mesoscale and local scale circulation.

This activity is documented by more than 60 papers on international referred journals, by more than 100 communications to scientific meetings, and by many others publications and talks.

He gave courses and lectures in Italian Universities (Padova, Bologna, Trento, Urbino) and in International Schools (Erice Intern. School, Trieste Intern. Centre for Theoretical Physics, SENAMI and Univ. San Marcos in Lima, Summer School Vilanova (Barcelona)). Since 2001 he gives a course on "Planetary boundary layer and dispersion processes' at the Science Faculty, Bologna University.

He was adviser for more than 20 University thesis. Some of his former students now are active in Universities, in research centres and in meteorological services.


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